Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Evil Elevator!!

The scariest thing happened today.

Just fyi, the "staff" elevator is evil. I was going up to the 6th floor for a break so I hopped on the elevator (because I'm lazy like that), and the next thing I knew it dropped really fast and stopped. It was supposed to be going up. Um... yeah. Then it jerked around and dropped some more and I kept pushing door open to try to get off. Finally I got off at the 2nd floor and took the stairs up to the 6th floor. Maybe the elevator's just trying to help me get in shape. In any case, I'm sure not riding in that one again. And I thought I should warn y'all.

Have a good day! And don't get stuck in any elevators!


b-rad said...

I knew something was up with that always seems like it struggles to move when I'm in it. Good thing nothing bad happened.

L. said...

I've been waiting for it to do that to somebody! (Preferably someone I didn't know, though). As of this week, it appears to be undergoing repairs--finally.