Tuesday, June 3, 2008

WotD (Jun 3)

loquacious. adj. Tending to talk much or freely; talkative; chattering; babbling; garrulous.

Example: Whoever came up with the word loquacious was probably loquacious him/herself.


Andrew said...

brad you were rather garrulous today in the mra.

Jen the Magnificent said...

From Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:
Hermione: Harry, you told me you'd figured that egg out weeks ago! The task is two days from now!
Harry: [sarcastically] Really? I had no idea. I suppose Viktor's already figured it out.
Hermione: Wouldn't know. We don't actually talk about the tournament. Actually, we don't really talk at all. Viktor's more of a physical being.
Hermione: I just mean he's not particularly loquacious.