Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some Dungeon Quotes

Logan: Jen Price, I'm in love with you!
Jessie: Good thing, because you made out with her yesterday
Logan: 3 hours!
Jessie: And it was on the clock! You're like a prostitute!

Jen: I need a new person to make out with in the bay
Logan: WHAT?! I have obsolessed!

Jen: I'm a voodoo doll!

Logan: I can help myself
Jen: No you can't; there's a whole book industry for that.

Jen at staff meeting: You mean we have all of New York in this library?!

Jen: You taid no pension to me!
Jessie: I taid a lotta pension to you!

Logan: I'm not talking to either of you.

Jessie: The dirty water hid from me.
Logan: It hates you.


Ben ;-) said...
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Ben ;-) said...

AAAAHHHH!!! I'm so sad that I'm not there!! :'-(

P.S. I tried to edit a comment of mine and I deleted it instead. Weird.