Friday, May 30, 2008

WotD May 30

Phantasmagorical, Adj.

1. Characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtapositions
2. Unrealistic; the quality of blurring real and imaginary elements as in a dream.

I'm not exactly sure how to use this word in a sentence; someone else can try. I just think it's a super cool word.


logues85 said...

"As my lips drew closer to hers, phantasmagoria took control of me and everything turned into a blur; I don't remember anything past that moment."

Jen said...

Um...that's using it as a noun, silly!
Here it is as an adjective:
"I was dreaming last night that I was in a Jane Austen novel. There was this guy on a white horse (he must have been Mr. Wentworth). But then, all of a sudden, he jumped off the horse and into his Mercedes Guardian and sped down the street and into the distance. It was a very phantasmagorical experience!"

(And if there is anyone who gets the car reference--as in what it is from--you win the prize :D).

Jessie said...

hahaha... Mr. Wentworth, eh? ;)

Jen said...

Yeah...what about it!